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We service all CASSENS & PLATH marine compasses. To receive your free estimate, please send us your compass information here.

More about CASSENS & PLATH:

For more than 100 years CASSENS & PLATH manufactures high-class precision instruments to safely navigate at high seas and at coastal areas. CASSENS & PLATH is one of two manufacturers to still use GLASS DOMES in their Spherical Domed Compasses.

CASSENS & PLATH products are certified by BSH (MED, EC), GL, LR, ABS incl. USCG, CCS & RMRS, their quality system meets ISO 9001:2000 standard.

CASSENS & PLATH instruments and systems are used on all kind of commercial vessels, cruise ships, yachts and even on NATO vessels.

The actual maritime market requires new ideas and solutions to meet the future needs in safe navigation – CASSENS & PLATH will be always available for you to actively follow this ambitious target for a better and safer world. world.

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