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In late 2010, ITT-RULE/ Jabsco Industries, the owners and manufcturers of both the DANFORTH & AQUAMETER lines of compasses made the corporate dicission to cease the production of Sperical Domed compasse. If you need REPAIR SERVICE or “SPARE PARTS”, please contact Andrews Compass Service. . If you are looking to buy a DANFORTH or AQUAMETER compass, my recommendation is to check on EBAY.

A Instument Repair company purchsed the remaining inventory of spare parts, and most importantly the molds to continue suppling “Spares” to other compass repair facilities. This naturaly caused a incress to these parts, but more importantly, Andrews Compass Service can still offer REPAIRS to the following lines of Danforth. Aquameter compasses

All dimensions below are the APPARENT CARD DIAMETER of the DIAL:

Danforth Mfg website

  • 4” - 4.5” - 5” - 5.5” - 6” - 7” - 8” CONSTILLATTION line

  • I still have a limited supply of Spare parts for the CORSAIR & CORSAIR II compasses


Aqua Meter Mfg Website

  • GEMINI [4.5”]

  • GALAXY [5.5”]


  • SATURN [3.75”] – SKIPPER [2 5/8”] - MARINER

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