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I am sorry to tell you that the PLASTIMO line of compasses are NOT REPAIRABLE. It is a sealed capsule assembly and cannot be disassembled for repair. There was a time when Plastimo made “Replacement Capsules” available. That time no longer exists.

Your only option now is to BUY A NEW PLASTIMO COMPASS. Clink on the below links to find a detail description of your compass. Contact Andrews Compass Service for pricing. To receive your free estimate, please send us your compass information here.


Plastimo 1 Plastimo 2 Plastimo 3 Plastimo 4

Powerboat Compasses:

Plastimo 5 Plastimo 6 Plastimo 7 Plastimo 8 Plastimo 9

Sailboat Compasses:

Plastimo 10 Plastimo 11 Plastimo 12 Plastimo 13 Plastimo 14 Plastimo 15

Tactical Compasses:

Plastimo 6 Plastimo 17 Plastimo 18

Handbearing Compasses:

Plastimo 19

Kayak Compasses:

Plastimo 20

Doris Box Compass:

Plastimo 21

Accessories for Plastimo Compasses:

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Plastimo Catalog:

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