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We service all Ritchie marine compasses. To receive your free estimate, please send us your compass information here.

More about Ritchie compasses:

In 1850, Edward S. Ritchie, a renowned physicist specializing in magnetic force, formed a company to market scientific apparatus that he was manufacturing for schools and laboratories. He was doing repair work on Navy compasses, which were then built in Europe. The business that E.S. Ritchie began in 1850 continues to this day as Ritchie® Navigation, and is the second oldest company still active in the marine industry.

Some notable dates in Ritchie's history:

  • 1861- E.S. Ritchie builds and equips Civil War Ironclad U.S.S. Monitor with its magnetic compass.
  • 1940- Ritchie is made primary producer of compasses for the U. S. Navy and the Merchant Marine during World War II. (7 1/2" Navy Standard) still in use today on many commercial vessels requiring a heavy duty magnetic auto pilot system.
  • 1952- E.S. Ritchie was purchased by the Sherman Family in Pembroke, MA. who owned and operated the Marine Compass Company. A number of improvements and modifications were made to the compass Designs, and marketed under the Ritchie brand to bring them into the modern era.
  • 1979- Ritchie develops the PowerDamp® Dial System. Combined ultra-light aluminum alloy dial, DirectiveForce® high power magnets, jeweled and hardened steel pivot movement, refined damping Fluid and a unique baffle. These advancements provide faster, stronger "lock-on" to magnetic north and No spin stability.
  • 1986- Ritchie introduces SuperSport® compass with new PowerDamp Plus® dial system to provide more Stability and accuracy for high speed boats.
  • 1996- Ritchie develops new CombiDamp® design with both open face and direct reading in one dial. Test Show increased stability and accuracy in rough water." 1

Key to choosing a compass is its repair ability. Ritchie offers a complete line of 100% repairable compasses. As a fully authorized sales and service facility for Ritchie® Navigation, Andrews Compass Service provides quick turn around times for repairs (on hand inventory of parts for all current models, and many obsolete models). Andrews Compass Service also offers competitive prices on sales of larger model compasses.

1 "A Brief History of Ritchie Navigation" 4 April, 1996

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