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In December 2010, SUUNTO made the corporate decision to cease the production of Spherical Domed compasses. The last Spherical Domed compass manufactured was sold on May 31, 2011. To receive your free estimate, please send us your compass information here.

Since then, Suunto has been holding on to their inventory of “Spare Parts” to fulfill their warranty requirement that run through May 31, 2021. My inventory of “Spare Parts” is limited, you need to send me details on your compass to see if I have the parts necessary to repair your model SUUNTO.

If your compass was purchased in the USA after January 1, 2006, and you have “Proof of Purchase”, it may still be covered under the SUUNTO TEN YEAR WARRANTY.

As long as Andrews Compass Service has the “Spare Parts” needed, we will continue to offer repair services for those model listed below. We have “Spare Parts” to service the following model Suunto marine compasses. Models 95, 115, 116, 135 & 165 Spherical Domed Compasses.

MODELS No. 165 (6.5" Apparent Card Dia.) & 135 (5.5" Apparent Card Dia.) COMPASSES: Both models Feature UNIVERSALLY BALANCED dial assemblies (compass cards are not affected by the Earth vertical component - cards going out of balance south of the magnetic equator).

Plastimo 1 Plastimo 1 Plastimo 1 Plastimo 1
D-135/ SS
D-135 SEC/White

MODELS No. 115/116 (4.5" Apparent Card Dia.) & 95 (3.7" Apparent Card Dia.) COMPASSES: Compasses which are ideally sized for medium length power and sail boats. Powerboat versions have ONE Lubber Line; Sailboat versions have THREE Lubber Lines. Below are examples of the various models. They may have either a BLACK card w/White numbers, WHITE Card w/ Black numbers, or the SECTOR Card (90° Red-90° Green-90°Red-90° Green)

Plastimo 1 Plastimo 1 Plastimo 1 Plastimo 1
Plastimo 1 Plastimo 1 Plastimo 1 Plastimo 1
F-95/Power/Direct Read

As a fully authorized service facility for Suunto Compasses, Andrews Compass Service provides quick turnaround times for repairs FOR THOSE MODEL THAT SPARE PARTS ARE STILL AVAILABLE.

If you are looking for products other than SPHERICAL DOMED COMPASSES, below is the Manufacturer's Link.

Manufacturer's Link

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